Freedom of Religion

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Freedom of Religion

And the Question of Pharmacists

Freedom of Religion is vital to American pharmacists! Increasingly, America has denied the basic rights of Christians (and others) who cannot conscientiously sin against their convictions. This is a problem highlighted in the insightful article, “Even Pharmacists Should be Allowed Their Religious Liberty” (2/4/16).

Elizabeth Slattery (the writer) indicates that Washington State has imposed restrictions on pharmacists regarding whether they agree to dispensing drugs that would cause abortions. We know that abortion is the deliberate killing of an innocent life in the womb. How can a state, nation, city, or company seek to force someone to violate their conscience and do what he or she believes is a sin against God, the Creator of life? The answer: No one has this right! In fact, God has not given any institution, state, or company a “right” to require a sincere individual to sin against his conscience!

If a pharmacist, a pharmacy assistant, a doctor, or a nurse objects to giving an abortifacient, birth control pills, condoms, or any other object to another because of his conscientiously-held beliefs against sinning, that person has the “right” to obey God rather than a human institution. As the Bible makes clear, “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

Richard Hollerman


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