101 Reasons for Having Children



101 Reasons for Having Children

I receive constant complaints from mothers telling me how hurt they are from the negative comments which they receive from family and friends when they share the news that they are going to have another baby. “God gave you a brain, didn’t He?” or “Oh No, not another one!” and so on. One Above Rubies reader wrote to me, “….I can’t understand why people think children are such burdens that they’d only want one or two, and then suggest to me that I stop at that number also….I’ve sometimes joked with my husband that I could write a book of all the one liners people say and title it, 101 Reasons Why Not to Have Any More Children.”

This gave me a wonderful idea. But I decided to dwell on the positive rather than the negative. I asked our readers of Above Rubies to share why they love having children. I received so many answers and so here are “101 Reasons Why Mothers Love Having Children.” Many of these reasons were reiterated over and over again by different mothers.

                  1.We love receiving gifts and blessings from God.

                  2.Why would I ever want to turn down one of God’s blessings?

                  3.We not only want to receive gifts from God for ourselves, but we want to give more gifts to the world. Every God gives us is a gift to the world.

                  4.It’s so exciting to see who God will send to bless us each time.

                  5.It’s an honor for the Lord to use my womb again.

                  6.I love being “with child.”

                  7.I love to see what God thinks of next. I believe each child is a precious and unique thought, with vast possibilities, straight from our Heavenly Father. It’s the most exciting thing in my entire life to give birth and see the new little person. There is nothing that moves me as much as seeing the birth of a baby.

                  8.I love to behold the handiwork of the Lord as a new little miracle comes forth.

                  9.The birth of a baby is the ultimate fulfillment of love between a husband and wife. Each child is an unbreakable bond between a father and mother.

              10.It is amazing to think that each child is a part of me and my beloved husband.

              11.God said to Jeremiah, “BEFORE I formed you in the womb I knew you…” God is the One who will form my future children. If He knew Jeremiah before conception, then He knows all my children before conception, yes, even the children who haven’t yet been formed. I don’t want to refuse children God has chosen.

              12.I’d love another baby because to choose not to is like saying NO to God. I want to say YES to God and His will for my life.

              13.I’ll have more people to love.

              14.I’ll have more hands to help.

              15.I’ll have more babies to nurse and therefore less risk of breast cancer.

              16.I feel so blessed that God wants to reward us again.

              17.I look upon each child as an incredibly beautiful jewel. Each one takes on a different loveliness and I can’t wait to see the next jewel arrive.

              18.Another baby in the family makes my other children so happy.

              19.I love to see the faces of my children as they see a new brother or sister for the first time.

              20.Babies teach the older children so much about caring for little ones, being kind, protective, and unselfish.

              21.Children brighten up the home. They make life interesting.

              22.I become a better mother with each child I have.

              23.Children teach me patience.

              24.My children think I’m beautiful no matter how I look.

              25.The more children we have, the more they entertain one another.

              26.There’s always someone around to visit with, play with, pray with, or read to.

              27.It’s just as easy to cook for ten as it is for one!

              28.More children give us the opportunity to have our faith increased as we see God meet our daily needs.

              29.You have your own cheering squad in whatever you do.

              30.The more children we have, the more impact we have upon the world.

              31.We want to establish a godly dynasty that will continue down the generations to come.

              32.We want to raise another soul for Jesus.

              33.We desire to raise up a standard for God in this evil day.

              34.More children releases more of Christ in our home.

              35.Because babies are the most irresistible things on earth.

              36.There is nothing like a new baby in the house.

              37.There is no occupation more rewarding than motherhood.

              38.Because I am fulfilling the only career that is eternal! Every other career will be left behind when we leave this earth, but I can take my children with me into glory. My children are eternal souls who will live for ever.

              39.Parenthood is investing in eternity.

              40.Children are like arrows which we send to places where we will never be able to go.

              41.We want to fill our quiver.

              42.Because of the people who might be reached for Christ through this child.

              43.I want to increase the ‘salt’ and ‘light’ proportion in the world!

              44.We’re forming our own orchestra to make music to the Lord.

              45.Having and raising children aids in sanctification of us parents.

              46.Having children helps to develop in us the godly character of servanthood.

              47.My children help me surrender the selfish desires of my flesh.

              48.Parenthood allows us to experience the kind of love our Heavenly Father has for us.

              49.In an era when so many individuals condone the denial, or taking of life – we want to give life – for life is sacred.

              50.We don’t want to deprive our parents of their “crowning glory” (Proverbs 17:6). We want to bless them with grandchildren.

              51.Our children are my teachers. I learn sweet things from them every day.

              52.I’m replenishing the earth with godly seed.

              53.I want to be obedient to God’s Word to “Be fruitful and multiply.”

              54.My children are my friends and my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Now who can have too many of these?

              55.I have a passionate love for babies.

              56.I just love being a mother. I love being pregnant. I love giving birth and I love breastfeeding.

              57.I love the sweet smiles, the delightful giggle, the soft baby to cuddle.

              58.Jesus said that when we welcome a little child into our home and family we are actually welcoming Him. I don’t want to spurn Jesus.

              59.We want our children to have the riches of many relationships with brothers and sisters. When we are no longer living, our children will have each other for encouragement, fellowship and a sense of family.

              60.The more children we have, the more our love is multiplied.

              61.We still have an empty seat in our van, and we’d like to fill it!

              62.Our children are all so wonderful, who could resist another one?

              63.God says that children are a reward and we believe Him!

              64.Children are the most precious gift of marriage.

              65.We get lots of experience in sharing and communicating.

              66.Children help me see my daily dependence on God for His wisdom and strength.

              67.I love to feel a precious life within my womb.

              68.Large families are FUN! And we love having fun.

              69.In a large family, the children and teenagers don’t want to go out to find entertainment because they are lonely and bored – there is already fun and entertainment at home A new baby reminds me of how Jesus came into the world.

              70.To be open to more children shows our present children that we love them. How can our children understand the love of God if we have the attitude that a certain number of children is too many?

              71.More children help to grow the church.

              72.I want to rear strong soldiers for the Lord.

              73.I’ll be able to spend eternity with my children.

              74.My body was created for this purpose.

              75.Family celebrations – birthdays, holidays and Christmas are even more wonderful with a new baby in the house.

              76.Hope for mankind is expressed in the miracle of a baby’s birth. Wherever there is life, there is Hope.

              77.Babies are sweet, cuddly, adorable and have so much potential. It’s like planting seeds in a flower garden – a beautiful bouquet for the future.

              78.There will be more people to pay for the aged’s social security benefits.

              79.I want to yield my womb as a living sacrifice to God.

              80.To prevent menses and enjoy the nursing hormones of prolactin and oxytocin. My most enjoyable and peaceful times are during the absence of menses during pregnancy To give a sweet testimony to a lost world.

              81.Babies remind us of how wonderful and how creative our God is.

              82.We are training a godly generation that will cover the earth with the Gospel and prepare the way for Jesus’ return.

              83.Younger children teach the older children how to be helpers. By the time the are old enough to be married and have children of their own, they’ll be prepared for raising them.

              84.I want another arrow for God’s army.

              85.I love to feel a precious new life moving within me.

              86.I would hate to stand before God on Judgment Day and have to answer why I rejected the children He had ordained for our family.

              87.Our children have taught me the value of relationships and the shallowness of the world’s value system.

              88.I trust God in all other areas of my life and I want to trust Him in the area of having children too.

              89.It sure is nice to kiss and smell a little one again. Their scent is so sweet.

              90.Babies are also a blessing to other people. They sure love to hold and cuddle mine. Since my siblings have stopped at two children per family, I want to supply them for my parents and everyone else’s pleasure.

              91.Our horizon and interests are constantly widened. Each child is born with a different destiny upon his/her life. Each child has different gifts. As we encourage our children in their varied gifts we constantly learn new things ourselves. Our children will often take on ventures and interests that we would never have dreamed of. Parenthood is not confining, but enlarging.

              92.Babies are future dish washers!

              93.Babies are a lot more entertaining than TV.

              94.We’re helping to build the kingdom of God.

              95.So I can buy cute baby and children’s clothes, even if it’s at a yard sale.

              96.I’ll be able to spend eternity with my children.

              97.Children teach me to become a servant, and that’s what Jesus wants us to be. Jesus Himself said He came to serve rather than to be served.

              98.To be convicted of sin and the need for repentance as I observe my sinful nature in my children’s sinful natures.

              99.The more children we have, the more we will be blessed when we are older. Instead of being lonely, we will have many children and grandchildren around to entertain us, bless us and care for us.

          100.Raising up a godly seed is laying up treasure in heaven.

          101.Having children causes us to depend upon God moment by moment!

After reading all these wonderful reasons, wouldn’t you like another baby?

–Nancy Campbell



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