Why Did God Make Fathers?


Why Did God Make Fathers?

It is human nature to wonder why things are as they are? Children learn by asking, Why? Have you wondered why God made fathers?

1. He knew that every child needs a daddy to love, provide for and protect him or her.


2. Every child needs the instruction and training that a father can give.


3. Every family needs the stability a strong dependable father provides.

4. Children need the discipline and guidance that fathers provide. His tough strength helps even the most rambunctious and restless child to stay in line.


5. Families need fathers to provide their physical and material needs. God said, “If any provideth not for his own, and especially his own household, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever” (I Tim. 5:8).


6. Families need the good example of a godly father to lead them in worshiping and serving God. Abraham was such a father (Gen. 18:19).


7. Families need a father to protect them from harm. God gave men extra strength so they can fill that role (Eph.5:23).


8. Families need a strong father to comfort them when, pain, suffering and sorrow come their way.


9. Families need a dad who can take charge and fix things when they are broken. It might be a broken window, a broken toy or a broken heart.


10. Every boy needs a good dad to be his example and model as he grows up. From him he will learn what his own children will be expecting of him. Every girl needs a godly dad to love and admire. He will help her know what to look for when, as an adult, she chooses a husband.


11. Every family needs a mom and a dad who love and care for each other; who help and support each other in raising their children. Their youngsters will grow up knowing what a normal healthy family is like.

If you were blessed to have a good dad, thank God for him. If he is still living, let him know you love him. If you are a father, resolve to be the kind God wants you to be.


–John Waddey

(Fortify Your Faith)




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