The Present and the Future

2012--Richard in office

The Present and the Future

Richard Hollerman

Many of you are aware that several years ago, God allowed us to find a house where we are now living.  This was an unexpected blessing, one that finally moved me out of small rent houses and an apartment (for nine years) into a house that has room to move around and carry on my work for the Lord.  My wife Monica and I feel so blessed of God to have this divine gift.

This will enable me to devote more time and effort to the True Discipleship website, the Lord willing.  Before, the surroundings in an ultra-crowded apartment kept me from even moving around and from being able to find needed supplies and books.

Presently, that hindrance has been largely eliminated.  I have an office where this computer is located, along with a large table and two walls of basic Bible study books.  God has also provided a room for much of my library and another room for the literature (tracts, booklets, and books) that I’’ve been able to produce during the past thirty years.  Even the garage is being utilized for the work of the Lord!

office--books, 2013,,

Although a lot remains to be done (by way of arranging things, sorting through boxes, working on many files, etc.), at least much has been accomplished during the past several years.

office and books, 2013

I hope to be able to spend a little more time in researching and writing more articles for the website.  For some time now, I’ve tried to add articles at least every week.  I may be able to add articles more frequently now.  A large number of different subjects haven’t been touched on the site, thus articles need to be written (or found) covering those needed subjects.  Maybe additional categories also need to be added.

For some time, I’ve wanted to produce a completely new website, utilizing an enhanced design and format. With the help of Tony, an old friend, we’ve now set up a completely new website. This new site, with enhanced arrangement, with a search feature, and so much more has been in operation from about November or December, 2015. There are now about 1,900 different articles on the site, and many (the majority) of them needs to be reformatted, with new photos and so much more. I suppose I’ve worked on about 200 of these, but so much remains to be done–with limited time.

office at computer, 2013

Thank any of you who keep this project in your prayers.  Some months ago, God had enabled us to register about 300 hits a day then it went down to about 200. Before the new site became available, it looked like the hit rate was about 150 a day with some days reaching 200. With the help of Google Analytics, it seems that those figures were somewhat low and the total hits may have been about 1,000,000 over those years (1999 to 2015). Presently, about 500 to 600 or more hits are registered each day. The Analytics feature shows that visitors come from the United States and many foreign countries, such as Canada, Britain, India, Kenya, Ghana, Peru, China, Russia, and elsewhere. We are encouraged to think that God could be using this site to touch the hearts of people whom I will never meet!

May God be pleased to bless this effort to make Christ Jesus known and to spread His Word even on some neglected and unpopular subjects. Remember, we cannot be true and loyal to Christ if we are ashamed of His truth (Mark 8:38).

Thanks be to God for His abundant mercies. May we labor for Him while there is enough time remaining!

Richard Hollerman


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