The Name of Jesus


Your name, dear Jesus, fills my heart
When I remember You.
The many titles, words and terms
Are old but ever new.

The name of “Jesus” signifies
Salvation of the Lord.
For God has saved us by Your blood
And by Your holy Word.

You are the “Messiah” of the Lord,
The “Christ” of God most high,
The “Anointed One” who came to earth
Whom men would crucify.

You are the Prophet of the Lord,
The spokesman of His will,
The One of ancient prophecy
Who would His Word fulfill.

You are the Priest of God above;
You are the sacrifice.
Both priest and offering, all in one—
You opened paradise!

You are the reigning Prince of peace;
You are the King of kings.
You rule now over heaven and earth—
Of You my spirit sings!

You are the exalted Son of God
Who came to earth below.
The Son of Mary, Son of God—
A truth that we may know.

You were the Servant of the Lord—
His will, not yours, was done.
You lived to please His loving heart,
To be the obedient Son.

You are the glorious Lord on high,
Exalted far above—
Before whom the redeemed will fall,
So lost in fear and love.

You were the great Apostle sent
From God the Father’s heart.
Then you, in turn, the Helper sent—
With power to impart.

You are the Savior of the world;
The lost You came to win.
On Calvary You paid the dreadful price
To save us from our sin.

You are the Shepherd of the sheep,
So good and great to all.
You gave Your life to rescue us
And lift us when we fall.

You are the Teacher, we the taught—
Your words are life and bread.
We eat those words to give us life
And by Your truth we’re fed.

You are the precious Lamb of God—
Your life was given for us.
Your blood was shed in sacrifice—
Your death vicarious.

You are the Holy One of God—
Sinless, pure, and just.
You are the Righteous Son of God—
In You we place our trust.

You are the Judge of every thought,
Of every word that’s said.
Before Your judgment seat we’ll fall—
The living and the dead.

You are the Head in whom we live;
Your life is ever near.
We are your hands and feet, dear Lord;
We are Your body here!

You are the Bread of life to us—
We eat You and we live.
Your body and blood—both given for us
That You might freely forgive.

You are our Advocate with God—
Our Intercessor there.
You sit enthroned in heaven above,
Our Mediator in prayer.

You are the Door; we enter in
And find salvation free.
You are the Physician for our ills—
You are the remedy!

You are the Light that brightens us
When darkness of sin we see.
You are the Way to that heavenly home—
You are our only plea.

You are the Husband, we are the bride,
Forever united as one.
You are the Forerunner in the race
Of life that we now run.

You are our Hope, You are our Peace—
What other words can we employ?
You are the Beauty of our life—
You are our Love and Joy!

You are Creator of all things—
And now sustain them all.
Through You the Father spoke His Word
And made things great and small.

You are the Word of God Himself
And with the Father dwell.
“The Word made flesh,” You came to earth
To rescue us from hell.

You are our God, yet Son You are—
A truth we can’t define.
The Son of God the Father are—
A mystery divine!

You are the Beginning; You are the End;
You are the First and Last—
The Alpha and the Omega, Lord,
The future and the past!

Within Your very being, Lord,
Lie riches, Oh, so fair!
Your glory shines, Your majesty,
Is great beyond compare!

Each name and word exalts You Lord—
They help us clearer see
The truth of your own glory now,
And through eternity!

Richard Hollerman

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