The KJV Only Cult


The KJV Only Cult

[The following letter from a staunch KJV Only proponent reflects how some KJV Onlyites have exalted one’s view of the KJV to a salvation issue, which therefore makes it cultic! Evangelical Outreach’s response follows.]

First off, I disrespectfully and emphatically disagree with your presentments about the King James Bible and those, like myself, who stand firm in our belief that it alone is the word of God, without error and, thereby, endowed with the absolute authority of Almighty God himself over our lives … And yes, Dan, I know it is claimed that the Apocrypha was included in the original draft of the KJB 1611, but I’m not necessarily convinced that this was true. For the sake of argument, however, let’s suppose for a moment that it is. The addition of these perverted Catholic-backed writings to the 1611 KJB was no more damning to the actual Scriptures themselves than the often errant footnotes found in today’s KJB and other bibles. So, what’s your point? The Apocrypha clearly was not considered a part of the Canon of Scripture. It was merely inserted between the Old and New Testament, and forty-four years later it was completely removed from the KJB (1655) … The ‘messiah” you believe in, Dan, is different from the Lord who holds my soul in His hands …. For me, the Bible issue is a watershed between true and false Christianity, not merely a “disagreement among brethren.” Doctrine defines fellowship, and the Bible you use defines doctrine. Can I make myself clearer? If at any time in the past I made reference to you as a “brother in Christ,” I must now make a retraction. In consideration of your rejection of the inerrancy and perfection of our English Bible as the word of God, I, however regrettably, cannot extend to you an acknowledgment of Christian relationship. That saddens me, Dan, and I would pray that you would not proceed in the course of apostasy wherein you are heading. I’m inclined to give any man the benefit of the doubt—even if the doubt is enormous, but your own words have only served to confirm those doubts about your ministry. Let this letter be a warning to you, Dan, for the good of your eternal soul.

Response from Evangelical Outreach:

Greetings in Jesus’ name. After reading your letter I have no choice but to sadly conclude that your view of the KJV (which you refer to as KJB) is cultic. You consider me, and others like me, non-Christian based upon our rejection of the KJV as being the only English translation which is the word of God. I noticed that you have no Scripture upon which you base that I’m a Hell-bound person. If you can think of one, please send it to me, but I already know that such is non-existent. You, and some others like you, make wild inaccurate statements about the KJV such as it is without error, but for some reason, when you are confronted with various facts, they bounce off of you as if nothing was said. Let me recommend that you reread my book A Critique of Gail Riplinger’s Scholarship and KJV Onlyism.

Moreover, have you ever noticed how the KJV renders Acts 5:30?  It reads,

“The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.”

This translation has Jesus dying, then being hanged on a tree (cross), which is an incredible mistake! Unfortunately, the KJV translators inserted the word and without Greek support, and changed the critical location of where Jesus died by doing so. This mistake is not in reputable modern translations, which you hate and even go so far as to exclude one from being saved, if he uses them as a source of preaching and writing.

Regarding the Apocrypha being in the 1611 KJV, there should be no question. This is fact. Dispute it if you want, but that won’t change things. Furthermore, in the KJV 1611 translation, there are marginal notes from the New and Old Testaments to the Apocrypha and vice versa. That should convince anyone who is open to truth how those translators felt about the Apocrypha, which contains damnable heresy in it such as cited at Tobit 4:8-10; 12:8,9! Yet these heretical books were actually inserted between the New and Old Testaments in the 1611 KJV.

As to Jesus being Messiah or nor as stated in reputable translations and the KJV, there is no difference! I’m sure if you want to try to make one, it can be done. But most disturbing to me is that you would view people like myself, who don’t view the KJV as you do, as being unsaved. Not that this shakes me, but that you have now added to Scripture a requirement for salvation which is not found in the Bible. That makes you guilty of preaching another gospel, like the kind cited at Gal. 1:8,9.

In closing, it has been to my great disappointment to learn from you, and some others, that there is an aggressive, misinformed and very divisive group of people who have exalted an issue not cited in Scripture as the basis of fellowship, and even salvation itself. You are doing much harm to the body of Christ and especially the new Christian, who desires to learn about God, but can’t tolerate the archaic 1611 KJV words, which have changed their meanings over the years!  You need to repent of being divisive, among other things.

Dan and Cheryl Corner

Evangelical Outreach
PO Box 265, Washington, PA 15301

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