Spiritual Oneness in Marriage


Spiritual Oneness in Marriage


If you are married, and your spouse is a devoted believer in Christ Jesus, you should be involved in activities that will enhance a spiritual oneness in marriage and promote a mutual seeking of the Lord and His will.  We are aware that many—perhaps most—true believers are not married to an equally-devoted disciple.  Sadly, many or even most are required to “walk the narrow road” of discipleship without the unity that Christ Jesus provides.  

On the other hand, perhaps you have been blessed by our gracious God with a believing spouse.  In this case, you are to look on your mate as “a fellow heir of the grace of life”—the eternal life in Christ that God gives (1 Peter 3:7).  We would encourage you to apply as many of the following suggestions as possible to your life as married people.  These will go far in stimulating your spiritual sensitivities and will help to bring Christ to bear on your marital relationship. 

1.     Pray together the very first thing in the morning. 

2.     Pray together during the day, if possible. 

3.     Pray together at night, before bedtime and sleep. 

4.     Have Bible reading and sing songs in worship together. 

5.     Read spiritual and edifying books to each other—while sitting and while in bed. 

6.     Memorize and quote Bible passages with each other.  Test each other on memory. 

7.     Have your Bible study time at the same table or other location. 

8.     Pray for each other’s needs. 

9.     Pray before the sexual relationship. 

10. Be accountable to each other for avoiding sin and growing in holiness. 

11. Share spiritual and Scriptural insights with each other. 

12. Share how you are talking to other people about the Lord. 

13. Visit and preach together when reaching out to others. 

14. Share letters you send and letters you receive with each other. 

15. Fast together. 

16. Sing together in the car while traveling or at other times. 

17. Share with each other how to teach, train, and bring up Godly children. 

18. Observe God’s handiwork—natural scenes and natural wonders—with each other. 

19. Discuss with each other how to apply God’s word to your personal life and your relationship with others—whether at the house, when on the job, in other situations. 

20. Be quick to confess any sin you commit against your partner and seek forgiveness. 

21. Be quick to forgive your mate. 

22. Be involved in group Bible studies and fellowship along with your partner. 

23. Be involved with the larger fellowship of the body of Christ along with your partner. 

Richard Hollerman


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