Sodomite Training for the City and College


Sodomite Training for the City and College

[This was a letter sent to the newspaper of the five campuses of the Tarrant County College, with a student body of 49,000.  It commented on the present policy that the Fort Worth sodomite organization promoted of requiring all city employees to endure a 4-hour training on homosexuality.  During the past week there is news that the College itself has passed a pro-sodomite agenda!  We find it amazing as well as disgusting that a perverse and immoral act and relationship can have such a widespread favorable response.  This would never have happened 50 years ago, but the moral fabric of this country has continued to deteriorate since that time, to the extent that this perversion is now seen, by many people, brainwashed by humanistic and secularistic and immoral propaganda, to be entirely acceptable.  We are grateful to the college and God that my letter was carried this past week.  RH]


The Collegian

March 23, 2011

I was saddened by the Collegian article, “TREE discussion focuses on schools’ diversity training.”  The Trinity River Equality in Education “brought issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, transgendered and allied youth” in a panel discussion on the TR Campus.

Thomas Anable, president of Fairness Fort Worth (pro-sodomite organization), said, “The 6,500 city employees now have to get a four-hour hands-on LGBT [sodomite] course in diversity training taught by gay people.”  He said that the “community has advanced positively” since the early 2000s in their acceptance of the sodomite lifestyle. Positively?  No, negatively!

This is a devious, deceptive, and wrongful attempt to make an immoral lifestyle seem to be normal and acceptable.  Why not tell students that incest, fornication, adultery, rape, pedophilia, pornography, or child molestation is acceptable?  It is a disgrace to Fort Worth that city employees and students are told that any sexual immorality  should be accepted!

The Bible and our conscience say that all of these activities are sexually immoral, including  sodomy or “homosexuality.”

Richard Hollerman


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