Several Recommended Nutritional Books and Videos



Several Recommended Nutritional Books and Videos

Nutritional theories abound and bookstores have shelves upon shelves of titles that confuse the average buyer.  Especially those people who are overweight may try one “diet” after another in their quest to find an easy way to lose weight and look better.  They want this to be as painless as possible and want to find a diet that allows them to continue their present lifestyle, continue to eat their own forms of junk food, and not need to exercise.

Dieting is not the way to go in one’s effort to lose weight.  It is better to make a way of eating one’s way of life.  It is more sane and sensible to eat a variety of simple, good, healthful, natural, nutritious, and relatively inexpensive foods that will provide adequate nutrients while limiting unwanted and unneeded calories.

The following books may be suggested, not because they are without flaw or because they are easy, but because they do recommend eating simply, nutritiously, and focusing on health rather than merely taste.  Other articles on this website will be provided with more information on how to eat to gain and maintain optimum health.  A basic introduction is found in the article, “Devoting Your Body to God.”

Suggested Books and Videos

·         The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health, by T. Colin Campbell, and Thomas M. Campbell


·         Everyday Cooking with Dean Ornish: 150 Easy, Low-Fat, High-Flavor Recipes, Dean Ornish


·         Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease, Dean Ornish


Eat More, Weigh Less: Dr. Dean Ornish’s Life Choice Program for Losing Weight Safely while Eating Abundantly, Dean Ornish 

·         New Pritikin Program, Robert Pritikin


·         The Pritikin Principle: The Calorie Density Solution, Robert Pritikin


·         The Pritikin Edge: 10 Essential Ingredients for a Long and Delicious Life, by Dr. Robert A. Vogel (Author), Paul Tager Lehr (Author)

Live Long, Live Well, Robert Pritikin (DVD)


The Pritikin Weight Loss Breakthrough: 5 Easy Steps to Outsmart Your Fat Instinct, Robert Pritikin


·         The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program to Feel Better, Live Longer, Lose Weight, and Gain Health, Dean Ornish


·         McDougall’s Total Health Solution for the 21st Century (Six Video series)


·         McDougall Made Easy (DVD)


·         McDougall’s Medicine (DVD)


·         The Mcdougall Program: Quick & Easy 12-Day Menu Plan, John McDougall


·         The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss, John McDougall


·         The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook: Over 300 Delicious Low-Fat Recipes You Can Prepare in Fifteen Minutes or Less, John McDougall


·         Dr. McDougall’s Digestive Tune-up, John McDougall


·         The McDougall Program for Women, John McDougall

 The New McDougall Cookbook, John McDougall


·         The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health, John McDougall


·         Walk Away the Pounds, Leslie Sansone


·         Eat, Drink, and be Healthy, Walter C. Willett


·         Start Strong, Finish Strong, Ken Cooper and Tyler Cooper


·         Move Yourself: The Cooper Clinic Medical Director’s Guide to All the Healing Benefits of Exercise, Tedd Mitchell, Tim Curch, Martin Zucker


·         Strong Women, Strong Bones, Miriam E. Nelson


·         Controlling Cholesterol The Natural Way, Ken Cooper


·         The Antioxident Revolution, Ken Cooper


·         The Omega-3 Connection, Andrew L. Stoll


·         What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know, Ray D. Strand


·         Active Living Everyday, Steven N. Blair, Andrea L. Dunn, Bess H. Marcus, Ruth Ann Carpenter, and Peter Jaret


·         Advanced Nutritional Therapies, Ken Cooper


·         Regaining The Power of Youth at Any Age, Ken Cooper


·         The Eye Care Revolution, Robert Abel


Mayo Clinic on Vision and Eye Health, Helmut Buettner


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