Religious Persecution of Muslim Children and Mixed Swimming Classes!

Mixed swimming

Religious Persecution of Muslim Children and Mixed Swimming Classes!

Richard Hollerman

We are not at all favorable to the Islamic religion. Although we do love Muslims, we are convinced that it rests upon a false foundation. However, a news report that comes from Time shows that Switzerland is willing to persecute those who do not fall in line with their liberal, secularistic, and immoral philosophies.

As a background for this report, Christians are careful to not follow the popular and contemporary way of the world. This includes the style, form, and fabric of clothing in general and swimwear in particular. Probably all of us have seen pictures of the swimming clothing of 150 to 100 years ago and we can all recognize that it was far, far different from what is worn (or not worn) in our day. Even photographs of my grandparents show swimwear that was more modest (though not at all something that the Christian would want to wear). If someone in public were to violate the ordinary rules of civil society, they would be fined or thrown into the local jail! (How far the world has fallen!)

What does God say? Paul, the apostle, admonishes followers of Christ in his day, “I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pears or costly garments” (1Timothy 2:9). One reason for this restriction is that the man (and the woman as well) must not look on another with lust in his heart, according to the words of Jesus our Lord (Matthew 5:27-30). This principle would rule out many of the clothes that are worn by women and even men in our day.

As we said as we began, we are not followers of Islam, but we do appreciate some of their principles. Just because some Muslim women are dressed in black, from head to foot, doesn’t mean that their desire for modesty is wrong. In fact, this is right even though we would agree that they overdue this principle.

Mixed Swimming

This brings us to a report that we just noticed today. In order to get the whole story, let’s notice the following:

Muslim Children in Switzerland Must Attend Mixed Swimming Classes, Court Rules

Kate Samuelson

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 3:06 PM ET

Muslim parents in Switzerland cannot refuse to send their children to mixed swimming lessons, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled Tuesday.

Europe’s highest ruled that refusing to exempt two Muslim pupils from compulsory mixed swimming lessons gave precedence to the children’s “full school curriculum” and had “not infringed the right to freedom of religion.”

Two Swiss-Turkish nationals, who refused to send their teenage daughters (born in 1999 and 2001, respectively) to compulsory mixed lessons, brought the case forward. They argued that their beliefs prohibited them from allowing their children to take part.

Education officials told them that they risked a maximum fine of 1,000 Swiss francs ($983) each if their daughters did not attend the compulsory lessons, as the girls were under the legal puberty age and therefore could not claim exemption.

However, the children continued to miss swimming and were ordered to pay a fine of nearly $350 per parent and per child for acting in breach of their parental duty, despite Swiss authorities offering “flexible arrangements” including allowing the girls to wear burkinis.

The parents appealed and, after arguing that the treatment was a violation of Article Nine of the European Convention on Human Rights (the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion), the case was eventually escalated to the ECHR.

The ECHR ruled that although the authorities’ refusal to grant the children an exemption from swimming lessons had been an interference with the freedom of religion, that interference was “prescribed by law and pursuing a legitimate aim (protection of foreign pupils from any form of social exclusion).”The court observed that the children’s full education took precedence over the parents’ wish to have their daughters exempted from the lessons. It was also noted that the children’s interest in attending the lessons was not just to learn to swim, but also to take part in an activity with all the other pupils, with no exception on account of the children’s origin or religion.

We probably were under the impression that Europe in general, including Switzerland, was so secularized that they would permit Muslims to freely practice their religious ideology. As we know, vast numbers of these people have flooded into the various European countries and we don’t know how much freedom they have in other nations of the continent. But here we see that Switzerland has deliberately violated the free exercise of Islamic religion. It is one thing to prohibit unlawful, immoral, and violent behavior—but surely the Muslim desire to practice some degree of modesty is not too much to ask!

Do you understand what this could mean to Christians in this country of Switzerland—and perhaps other secularistic countries in Europe? If the national authorities do not permit these children to dress modesty, what would they do to conservative and consistent Christians! I know that Germany (and perhaps other countries) has persecuted professing Christians who seek to home-school their children. Where will this persecution end?

Let this be a “wake up call” to true Christians who wish to raise a godly family, free from the immodesty of swimwear and free from the secularistic and humanistic school system in these countries! Let’s commit ourselves to a consistent walk in Christ that honors God and His divine Word! If a secular government should require wearing immodest clothes, sending children to a secular school system, or giving allegiance to the state over God, now is the time to determine what you and I will do. Let us cling to the Lord and His moral demands, regardless of consequences!

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