Pro-Planned Parenthood Pastor (Criticism of Mayor Price)

Pro-Planned Parenthood Pastor!

Pro-Planned Parenthood Pastor!

Criticism of Mayor Price

I was grieved with Lee Ann Bryce’s criticism of Mayor Betsy Price. She cited the mayors of Dallas, Austin, and Houston who support the funding Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider.

However, Lee Ann wrote prejudicial statements and half truths in her letter. (Incidentally, Lee Ann calls herself a “Reverend,” which clearly violates Scripture forbidding a woman to be a preacher, pastor, or teacher. See 1 Timothy 2:11-3:3; 1 Corinthians 14:33-37).

Lee Ann urges mayors to support “healthcare access,” but is silent that Planned Parenthood is guilty of murdering millions of babies! She charges opponents with “denying preventive care to thousands of their constituents,” however this is not the point. Women do need health care! But Lee Ann doesn’t mention the fact that Planned Parenthood maliciously kills millions of babies. In her support of this organization, she is guilty of encouraging the destruction of human life!

Lee Ann goes on to encourage Mayor Price to “do the right thing” and “look out for the people she serves.” But she conspicuously refused to “do the right thing” and defend helpless babies!

I encourage Fort Worth citizens to see through Mrs. Bryce’s deceptive logic and her false accusations against our worthy mayor!

Richard Hollerman


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