Only Jesus

Only Jesus

Ever climbing on my journey,

Always seeking realms above;

Onward walking, ever upward,

To the Savior whom I love.


Only Jesus is my story,

Only He can satisfy.

Jesus keeps me, guides, protects me—

He alone can sanctify.


If He died to pay my pardon—

Suffered there at Calvary—

All to Him I surely owe Him

For in love He set me free!


No one else is dearer to me

For He rescued me from sin;

Tears of gratitude are due Him

For salvation wrought within.


He who seeks to gain his life

Must forever lose his soul;

So I gladly lose my life

For the Savior is my goal.


All the world means nothing to me;

No delight in it I find.

All my pleasures are in Jesus—

He fills all my heart and mind.


Love alone I have to give Him—

Nothing more I have to bring.

This my song I lift unto Him:

Jesus is the song I sing!


So I offer you my Savior—

Turn to Him with all your heart.

Look to Him and He will save you—

Power, joy and peace impart!


Richard Hollerman



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