One Hundred Years From Now



 One hundred years from now it will not matter how old your house or your car was.
It will not matter how poor you were, how many physical afflictions you suffered, or whether you had a handicap.
It will not matter that you were lacking in physical attractiveness or strength, lacking in great intellectual capacity, or lacking in education.
It will not matter that you had only a menial job and were overlooked by others.
It will not matter that you were looked upon as a misfit, a fanatic, a radical–one who did not fit into society’s norms and the expectations of the world.

The only thing that will matter at that time is whether you had a living, saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ and whether you are with Him in His eternal Kingdom. . . . When all is said and done, all that matters is Jesus—and whether you will be with Him forever. . . .


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