Why Not Obey All of God’s Word?

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Why Not Obey ALL of God’s Word?

Shall We Keep the Law of Moses Today?


Why are all of modern-day Christian groups (Catholics, protestants, Non-denominationals, etc  not following the Bible fully? By this I mean this:

In the old Testament are found the 10 Commandments, and several laws that include orders to kill gay-people, and wayward children. Why is the 10 Commandments from the old testament retained  and not the laws about killing gays, wayward children and scores of others like these?

I am interested in knowing the full extents of the laws of God imposed on mankind in both the old and new testaments and why virtually all Christian groups today follow a few of them and not all of them.


Let me now address some of what you say, Joseph. It is true that the various churches and denominations are not “following the Bible fully.” Consider this for a moment.

We must understand who the original recipients were. Do you go out and build an ark for the salvation of your family? But this was a command, very carefully and specifically given (see Genesis 6). But it was given to Noah, and Noah alone (with his family).

This is the way it is regarding many things in the Bible, as you surely know. We don’t go to Moriah and offer our sons on a home-made alter, as Abraham was commanded to do (Genesis 2). No, that was given to Abraham—and no one else in all history was given such a command.

When it comes to the specifics of the Law of Moses (found in Exodus 20-24 and to some extent in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), God gave this to Moses to teach Israel His ways. It was given to the nation of Israel and Israel alone. Israelites were not to eat milk and meat at the same meal; they were to keep three main festivals or feasts each year; they were to offer animal (and grain) sacrifices to the Lord at the Temple (but since AD 70, when the Temple was destroyed, it has been impossible). Thus, we need to ask whether a command, implication, example, etc., was given to Israel.

As you know, from Matthew through Revelation, we have been given of the New Covenant, initiated by the giving of Christ’s own blood (Matthew 26:28) but worked out through the teaching of the apostles (see 2 Corinthians 3). In this New Covenant, we are not required to offer animal sacrifices since Jesus offered Himself once and for all on the cross (Romans 3:24-26; 5:1-11).

The Old Covenant (Exodus 20 to Malachi) was given to Israel, while the New Covenant was given to the followers of Jesus (Matthew 26; Mark 15, Luke 22; Acts-Revelation).

Joseph, there are many differences between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. (In earlier translations, this would have been called the Old Testament and the New Testament, but Covenant or Agreement is preferred.) For instance, under the Old Covenant Israelites were to wage war against their enemies, but under the New Covenant, Christians (followers of Jesus) are to love and sacrifice for their enemies (Luke 6:27-28; Matthew 5:38-48).

I’ve written about this somewhat extensively on the website—and I invite you to go to the website and check this out. See www.Truediscipleship.com. Just type in the word you are seeking and you should find many articles in the site. There are now about 2,000 of these articles, although maybe 1500 of them need to be reformatted since a major work was done on the site about 2 ½ years ago.

You made reference to the Mosaic execution of sodomites. This could include adulterers, fornicators, those guilty of bestiality, and similar sexual sins. This was required under the Law of Moses for, as you will remember, the First Covenant was for a nation and not just for individuals. This nation was a theocracy thus such laws could be implemented. Under the New Covenant or Second Covenant, we are to allow the civil government to punish people, but the Christian is to keep himself free from such things. Read very carefully the difference between Romans 12:17-21 and Romans 13:1-7. This is not to say that sexual sins such as homosexuality, adultery, fornication, pedophilia, and others are not sinful; it is just that Christians are not to punish the breaking of God’s will on such sins. God will bring judgment on such sins in the future–if people do not repent (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 21:8). Keep in mind too, there are are many dozens of different kinds of sins and not just sexual sins (see Romans 1:24-32; 2 Timothy 3:1-5; etc.).

I think you assume that the 10 Commandments were retained under the New Covenant. It is true that some of the Ten Commandments were brought over and given to Christians (but with important distinctions) (see Romans 13:8-10, for instance). But I know of no place where the Fourth Command (on the Sabbath) was brought over. Instead of keeping the 7th day Sabbath “holy,” the Christian now holds the first day in high esteem and worships God with other Christians on that day (see Acts 20:6; 1 Corinthians 16:1-2). Yet, if a former Jewish person (after he comes to Christ for salvation wishes to continue to keep the Sabbath or the Kosher food laws, he may do so, providing he does not think he is being saved by this (Romans 14:1-21). I must admit that this whole area is one that I continue to study and seek answers to.

As for your question about why professing “Christians” today don’t obey all of the commands, hopefully the discussion above will help you. Just ask, “Was this command given to Israel under Moses, or was this given to Christians?” I know that this is somewhat simplistic, but this will help.

Further, check out my website and this will also help you a great deal.

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I think that all of this will help, Joseph. May God help you in your quest for understanding. And keep in mind that neither you nor I will be judged by others who claim to be Christians but who clearly disobey the Lord. We will be judged by God and by Christ, and this is all-important (see John 12:48 and 2 Corinthians 5:10).




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