Letters to The Editor


Millions of Americans read the Editorial page of the newspapers and many of them read the “Opinions” or “Letters” columns in the Editorial section. For many years have provided newspapers this open forum for readers to present their views and opinions in an public effort to change sympathies, views and actions.

If common people may present their personal views or the views of the group they represent, surely we, as Christians, should use this avenue to present the truth of God to all who will read! Not only may we have the high privilege of representing the Lord of heaven and earth in this way, we may also be able to reach those who have “an honest and good heart” (Luke 8:15) and help them to see what Scripture teaches about many issues discussed in society.

For years now, we have sought to reach out in this capacity. By means of pointed letters, we have discussed a variety of sins and issues, usually showing how the Word of God addresses them with clarity, with truth, and with forcefulness. While it is true that the editorial staff may edit the letter to make it shorter (usually there is a limit, which may only occasionally be exceeded), still an amount of truth does come across in the letters printed. The local newspaper reaches hundreds of thousands of readers, thus the potential for good is great!

We’ve included a variety of letters sent (and generally printed) over the years to local newspapers. Read some of them. We encourage you to reach out in this free manner and represent the Lord and His Word in this “perverse generation” (Acts 2:40). Be like a John who was willing to lift his voice to even heads of government (cf. Mark 6:17-18; Luke 3:18-19). Paul prayed that he might “speak boldly, as [he] ought to speak” (Ephesiahs 6:20), and that he might “make it clear in the way [he] out to speak”(Colossians 4:4). Let this be our motivation!

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