Homosexual Ordination Misses The Point

Homosexual Ordination

Misses the Point

I find an amazing phenomenon occurring among American churches. This is reflected in Jim Jones’ article, “Presbyterians Hold the Line on Ordination” (Star-Telegram, March 14). Jones reports that a slight majority of Presbyterian delegates rejected a statement that would seemingly permit churches to ordain homosexuals. It is also reflected in the recent report of the Austin congregation’s exclusion from the Southern Baptist Convention because of its acceptance of a homosexual deacon.

The controversy in these cases and others appears to be whether homosexuals are permitted to be “ordained” to a denominational office.

This issue is preposterous and it is one that entirely misses the point of what the Bible says. Yes, it is true that God does not permit preachers, elders, and deacons to engage in homosexuality. But what is the more important truth that is being entirely overlooked in the current debate on morals?

It is this: No Christian at all (whether in a position of public service or not) is permitted to be a homosexual. The Bible is clear that practicing homosexuals “shall not inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)—thus how can they really be Christians, followers of the Christ who does not permit one to live in known, deliberate, unrepentant sin? Actually, the believers in Corinth had practiced homosexuality (as well as fornication, adultery, and other sins) but had been “washed” from sin, “sanctified” or set apart to God, and “justified” or declared righteous before God–when they repented of their moral sins.

While these sexual sins are widely practiced in society at large, the Christian body must be free of them. If any professing Christian (whether preacher, deacon, elder, or any so-called “layman” or “laywoman”) engages in these sexual sins, he or she is to be removed from Christian fellowship. (The entire fifth chapter of 1 Corinthians explains this.)

This is why I say that the current homosexual “ordination” issue is entirely missing the mark of true Christianity.

Richard Hollerman
Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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