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QUESTION: I’m fed up with my present job and have decide to start a home business in a different field of work. What’s your advice?

ANSWER: When starting a home business, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is, “Why?” As in all other decisions, it’s important to discover the real motivation behind your desire.

Discover your motivation

Proper motivation for starting a home business might include a strong desire to provide a product, service, talent, and/or idea that could be marketed better by you than by someone else.

But if you’re simply desiring to start a home business because you’re frustrated in your present job, you may be headed in the wrong direction. After all, there are alternatives available to you, such as finding a better job somewhere else.

To help nail down your true motivation, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Why do I want to start this business?

  2. What’s making me unhappy in my current job?

  3. What alternatives, other than a home business, are available to me?

  4. What values and needs of mine are not being satisfied in my current job? Will the home business I’m considering satisfy those values and needs?

  5. Do I want this bad enough to overcome the obstacles and hang in there when the going gets tough?

Seek counsel

As with all major decisions, it’s important to seek good counsel. Your counselors should be people with a Christian world view, including local believers who operate businesses according to biblical principles.

Acquire information

You’ll also need sources of reliable information. Try contacting the nearest small business development center. These are located in most states and are operated through state universities. Information from these centers usually is provided free or at low cost.

Books also are a good source of information. Following are some publications designed for people in business. These books should be available from Crown Financial Ministries.

  • Working at Home, by Lindsey O’Connor (Harvest House, 1990).

  • Business by the Book, by Larry Burkett (Thomas Nelson, 1990).

  • Women Leaving the Workplace, by Larry Burkett (Moody Press, 1996).

  • Home Business Happiness, by Cheri Fuller (Starburst Publishers, 1996).


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