Hinn, Others Shun Sound Doctrine


Hinn, Others Shun Sound Doctrine

If you do not know him by name, you would almost certainly know him by sight. Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn is one of the most widely recognized individuals in Christian television today.

A self-proclaimed “healing evangelist,” Hinn has achieved almost superstar status. His daily television show, This Is Your Day, can be seen in 190 countries and his monthly miracle crusades are almost always attended by overflow crowds. Tens of millions worldwide believe Hinn to be one of God’s greatest spokesmen.

Undoubtedly, Hinn’s teachings on physical healing are for what he is best known. In short, Hinn teaches that it is always God’s will for the believer to walk in perfect divine health. Says Hinn, “He promises to heal all – every one, any, any whatsoever, everything – all our diseases.” This is an exceedingly reckless and unbiblical assertion.

It is a matter of biblical record that not all of God’s servants walked in perfect divine health; i.e. Job, Epaphroditus, Trophimus, Timothy, and the Apostle Paul all suffered physical ailments. If an afflicted believer prays for healing but does not receive it, then whose fault is it?

By definition it cannot be God’s. The fault, then, according to Hinn’s theology, lies squarely at the feet of the one who is sick. Says Hinn, “If you do not receive your miracle, it’s not God’s fault. You say, ‘Well whose fault is it?’ You figure that one out yourself.” Exactly.

Hinn knows that not everyone is healed. In fact, his ministry is notoriously silent when asked for documented proofs of healings. Therefore he has adopted the standard Word of Faith (WOF) excuses that the chronically ill believer must not have enough faith, sin is present in his life, he has not given enough money (have you ever heard a preacher ask you to “sow a seed” so you can “reap a harvest?”), or he is not even saved.

This is not an exaggeration. At a 2001 Miracle Crusade in Nevada, Hinn told the audience, “Healing should never be separate from salvation.” (emphasis mine.) The cruelty of this is hard to imagine. Now the sick person has to struggle not only with his malady, but also his own perceived spiritual deficiencies. Through no fault of his own he is cast into the deep valley of doubting his very salvation.

At his Miracle Crusades, Hinn “slays” people in the Spirit (though this practice is completely without biblical precedent) as if he is some anointed dispenser of the third Person of the Trinity, and he claims that thousands are healed. Are the people that claim to be healed really healed? The vast majority are not.

Most of what is seen on the stage of a Hinn crusade is resultant of very high states of emotion. In a closed environment with dimmed lights, rhythmic music, and a highly charismatic leader dressed in gleaming white on stage, the energy is almost palpable. With adrenaline rushing, some begin to convince themselves that they feel better and, for a while, they do.

However, when the show is over and a new day dawns, the symptoms almost always reappear.

Notice that those who get on stage suffer from something that cannot be readily seen. If God is truly healing the sick through Benny Hinn, where are the Down’s Syndrome children, the quadriplegics, the amputees?

I myself have a moderate case of Cerebral Palsy. As a teenager I went to see a faith healer and fully expected to walk away whole. I did not. That incident began my interest in the WOF movement and all these so-called faith healers and led me to recently write my Master’s thesis on Benny Hinn and his theology.

This series of articles is not intended as a personal attack but rather a call for discernment. Recall the words of Jesus: “For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders.” (Matt. 24:24).

I close with words of encouragement. For those of you that suffer physically, pray that God will heal you. If you have enough faith to be saved, you certainly have enough faith to be healed.

Know, though, that it is not always God’s will for us to be healed. If healing does not come, God’s “peace that transcends all human understanding” (Phil. 4:7) and His “strength made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9) most certainly will.

–Justin Peters

originally printed 10/2/03
in the Baptist Record

Peters can be contacted at (601) 636-2493
 or by e-mail: jpeters@fbcvicksburg.org






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