Highway Speeding

Highway Speeding

Highway Speeding

Driving on our highways is a very dangerous activity. We are all reminded of this when we must pay our automobile insurance premiums. We further note this when we hear of traffic accidents on the radio reports in the morning and evening.

Statistics give hard evidence that drunken driving and speeding are two of the leading causes of highway casualties and fatalities. Both causes come from human irresponsibility and rebellion. Yet law-abiding drivers must also suffer some of the consequences.

Something is dreadfully wrong with the driving of most drivers. When I drive at 40 mph going east on I-30 near the downtown area, most drivers pass me at about 50 or 55 mph. When I drive west on I-30 and must drop down to 45, then 30, and then 40 mph, most people zoom by me at 10 or 20 mph over the speed limit. When I drive north on I-35 through the downtown area, and drop to 45, then 30, and then 45 mph, most drivers speed past me perhaps 20 mph over this speed limit. When I drive south on I-35 and the speed limit is 45, people breeze past me at 55 or 60 mph. Even on the open stretches of Texas 121, I-35, I-30, I-20, and Loop 820, where I drive 50 or 55 mph, others seem to speed past me at 65 or 70. Of course, at times people do tailgate me which, in itself, is dangerous.

Do you see what I mean when I say that it is dangerous for the law-abiding driver to be on the highways? The few of us who do drive within the speed limit are subjected to the flagrant disobedience of the majority. As a Christian who obeys the laws because the Lord commands us to do so, I’ll continue to obey the speed limit regulations and other automobile laws.

But I keep thinking that someone will plow into my car and the only defense the driver will make (if he survives) will be, “But, officer, the other driver was obeying the speed limit. How irresponsible can you get!”

Richard Hollerman
Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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