Greek Quiz 1: Test Your Knowledge of Greek


The New Testament was written in the Greek language, but it has been translated into the English–the language with which we are familiar. If you have studied the Bible for some time, read the notations in a study Bible, or spent time with a concordance or Bible dictionary, you may know more Greek than you imagine! Try this little exercise to test your knowledge of basic Greek words. Simply place the letter of the Greek word (found at the bottom) on the line of the English word that is used to translate it. Pay special attention to the Greek word to see if there is anything about its spelling that suggests the English word with which you are familiar. (Answers will be found after all five Greek quizzes.)


(1) Similar Wording

_______(1) Blasphemy (slander)

_______(2) Hades

_______(3) Satan (adversary)

_______(4) Demon

_______(5) Prophet

_______(6) Apostle (one sent forth)

_______(7) Jesus

_______(8) Denarius

_______(9) Pentecost (fiftieth)

_______(10) Baptism (immersion)

_______(11) Angel (messenger)

_______(12) Christ (anointed one)

_______(13) Christian

(a) hades (b) denarion (c) apostolos (d) blasphemia (e) christos (f) pentekostos (g) satanas (h) baptisma (i) iesous (j) daimon (k) angelos (l) prophetes (m) christianos

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