Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists Part 3

Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists

(Part 3)

Richard Hollerman

In our last installment, we stated that recently we responded to a brief internet video. Our comments online, within the blog that pertained to that video, generated a great amount of interest with many responses.

Almost all of these responses were in support of evolution and atheism. After my initial post in the blog, I began to receive many responses in reaction to my promotion of God and His creation of all things. The responses pertained to the Big Bang theory, evolutionary theories, the nature of science, as well as a rejection of God as Creator and a denial that the Bible is His infallible Word.

In our last article (Part 2) we introduced this subject and now we wish to continue to show you some of the comments that were found in the internet blog. I don’t at all claim to be an expert in the sciences or in apologetics. But I do know enough to know that God is the true and living God, that He is Creator, and that His written Word is reliable and truthful. All of this serves as background to what follows.

Atheistic and Evolutionary Comments

This is the online comment that began the series. I responded to a little video about Truth (in general). My comments below will be in blue while the comments of others will be in black.

Whether this is speaking of the authority of government, or the authority of education, or parental authority, the point is that no one has the right to change truth. The ultimate authority is God and He speaks through His written Word, the Bible. If human authority tells us that 2+2=5 we must object. The truth is that 2+2=4. Similarly, when anyone tries to tell us that there is no God, that evolution is true, that sodomy is acceptable, that living together before marriage is permissible, or that killing one’s baby is fine, we must object. Truth is truth regardless of who denies it. 

In the case of this little film, the child paid with his life but he stood for truth. Today if we acknowledge God, if we accept creation, if we deny the big bang, if we contend for the respect for life, we may pay a serious price. In some countries it may require laying down one’s life. But the question is what is the truth—not  how many people believe something, not whether a government stands for something, and not whether friends hold to any particular opinion.

Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31, 32). Will you accept the truth regardless of the cost?

As we did in our previous article (Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists—Part 2), let’s notice some of the responses we received mostly from those who opposed our defense of God and His Word, along with His creative work. 

We notice in Scripture this encouragement: “Contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints” (Jude 3b). While this may have primary reference to Christ Jesus, His nature, and His saving work, we also know that one can’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God unless he believes in God the Father! And one can’t believe fully in God the Father if he refuses to accept the testimony of God and Christ found on the pages of inspired Scripture.

“If we receive the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater; for the testimony of God is this, that He has testified concerning His Son” (1 John 5:9).

Response from Apollo:


First the theory of evolution was corroborated with numerous testing. Including chemical, biological, genetic and geological research. According to your argument that genetics is a big lie, even though their first rule was writing of a European monk in the Middle Ages. Or do you mean what you strangely never say, because you’ve about it no idea, because you’re stupid, some area of ​​research in these research areas is false research results, despite a colorful variety of advances and discoveries and overlapping straight one such an area, where you then also history, archeology, medicine, physics, nuclear research, police work in murder cases, arguments against racial theory and the whole damn Astronomy would doubt.

the only Christian accepted theory for the formation of mountains is the baked apple theory. Once the world was really hot, they cooled off, and so randomly mountains arose in the countryside. Because the earth is only 6,000 years old, the erosion was not so tragic. lol earthquakes and volcanic eruptions also should not be explored afterwards, because they are God’s punishment that you simply must endure. no early-warning allowed. LOL

Moreover, the reasoning of the first real creator of Aristotle, the successor of its school management, Θεόφραστος has already contradicted this theory. Particularly missed all Christians, especially in the argument, the possibility of infinite causal chains, which can not be excluded.

Keep in mind that we are placing the comments as they were written, even if there are grammatical or spelling mistakes.

My Response to Apollo:

Apollo, thank you for responding. Christians are not denying sciences like medicine, physics, astronomy, etc. Professing Christians were the ones who pioneered in all kinds of scientific discoveries.  Think of Pascal, Newton, etc. The problem that evolutionists have is that they attempt to make dogmatic statements in the realm of historical science. Both Christians and atheists know that there were dinosaurs, that there was an ice age, etc., but how do we interpret these findings?

As for the mountains, etc., have you ever considered that this land formation may be the result of the worldwide, year-long, flood of Noah’s time (about 2400 BC)? God used this means to judge the world that had devolved into great evil, using vast stores of water under the earth surface as well as above the earth to overwhelm the earth. Probably earthquakes and volcanoes were involved. Thus, there need not be 4 billion years of catastrophe to account for this. God judged the world for their sin and He will in the future judge the world for its sin–not with water but with fire.

We can be prepared by believing in God right now, coming to His Son (Jesus Christ), turning from all of our self-will and sin, and living obediently for Him in this life. The offer is yours.

Response from Another:

Why can’t there be a God and have evolution, that is technically the most realistic thing.

My Response to above:

That’s a good question, Le. The reason why we can’t have it both ways is that we can’t have any contradictions in God. He is Perfect and if He says that He created all things, it is impossible that evolution could have brought all things into existence. In other words, these are opposite ideas of existence.  In creation, God the creator brought everything out of nothing. In evolution, the thought is that Nothing brought Something out of Nothing. It just doesn’t work.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). “All things came into being through Him [Jesus Christ], and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being” (John 1:3).

Response from Santosh:

I want to prove you are delusional dude,

your first opinion “we can’t have any contradiction with God”
2nd opinion ” He is perfect”
3rd opinion “He says that he created all things” (does he really come to you and tell you he created everything, You have started hearing god voice ha ha time for check up)
4th opinion “It is impossible that evolution could have brought all things into existence”
( You don’t have any idea about evolution, educate yourself read some book about evolution)
5th opinion ” God the creator brought everything out of nothing” (how do you know that unless you have started hearing voices in your ear again”
.I don’t want to go any further (this will be sufficient, but you can go further)
Your comment is full of your pure opinions and delusional thoughts. This proves that either you are delusional or [profanity]. i suggest you to smoking less weed that will be good for your mental health. And please come back to reality.

We are here for rational arguments not for religiously indoctrinated, irrational, stupid and delusional thoughts.

finally don’t source your argument on “Genesis 1:1” or something like fictional work. I am afraid you will start source your argument  on “lord of the ring” or “harry potter” or etc. Don’t do that, You will be proved delusional again.

My response to Santosh:

Santosh, I see your response to what I wrote but I think you are “hiding your head in the sand.”  You are willing to take the deluded opinions of those who are running from God, probably because they don’t want to confront their own guilt before Him. This is a leading cause of the delusion of evolutionary thinking.

I read a book entitled “Why Scientists Accept Evolution.” (I would change the title to “Why SOME scientists accept evolution” since some don’t.) The thesis is that one way to eliminate guilt, without actually repenting and changing one’s life, is to just eliminate the Judge of the universe or just deny His existence.

Consider: Deep in your heart, you know that you are not the product of blind chance that brought about life from non-life. It is impossible, unless you are viewing a science fiction movie.

Second, everything that you see (or hear or touch) declares, “God made me!” Just as a house testifies to a house-maker and a car testifies to a car manufacturer, so all that exists and all that has been created testifies to a Creator.

Third, someone has estimated that there is only one chance in so many quadrillion that evolution could have happened (the researcher actually said it was impossible). Why pin your eternity on something that is (virtually) impossible?

Fourth, we both won’t be around more than another 50 or 75 years. But eternity looms out before us. It would be wise for you to prepare now, while you may.

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