Abortion: Not a “Win” for Tarrant County Women!



Abortion: Not a “Win” for Tarrant County Women!

Abortion: Not a “Win” for Tarrant County Women!

I’m troubled by the article, “Abortion Ruling is a Win for Tarrant County Women,” by Planned Parenthood of Tarrant County.

Everyone knows that this organization is a deadly one for babies. It’s a selfish attitude that killing babies is a “win” for women. Through the years, women would earnestly guard the welfare of their babies. The mother’s womb was a safe place for the child to grow to maturity. Today, the womb is a dangerous, fatal place if Planned Parenthood has anything to do with it!

The three writers of the article lament that the number of centers where women can have a “safe, legal abortion has dropped from about 40 to fewer than 20.” But what about the poor, defenseless, helpless child who is put to death by the abortionist in an abortion center?

Isn’t it a selfish position to promote the assumed “right” to kill one’s baby so the mother can be relieved of parental responsibilities? Most abortions are performed on mothers who have been willing to commit fornication or adultery, then are reaping the consequences of their immoral sex. Let’s begin to think logically, morally, and truthfully about a very wicked procedure (whether it’s legal or not)!

Richard Hollerman


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