A Christian Alternative to Kindergarten


A Christian Alternative to Kindergarten

[The following article is given for your consideration.  We personally favor home schooling since private Christian day schools are very difficult to set up and maintain, unless one happens to be in a thriving community of believers with capable brothers and sisters.  Yet this article does have a message to us—that children belong in the home at the time that children of the world are being sent to the secular schools.  RH]

Preschool children need preparation for relating to the authority of the teacher and for relating well to other children. Preparation for the mental discipline of learning to read and the coordination involved on learning to write are also important. We believe this preparation is provided best in Christian homes. Following are some ways Christian parents can prepare their children for first grade.

Children learn unselfish behavior by seeing their parents live that way and by having parents consistently recognize selfish, independent, or defiant behavior. Fathers and mothers who have humbled themselves to recognize sin in their own hearts will not be tolerant of those evils in the lives of their children.

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Parents who accept the authority of God for their own lives do not find it difficult to teach their children to relate well to authority. Cheerful obedience is part of relating well to authority.

Before going to school, children should be expected to complete a series of instructions without additional reminders. For example, “Wipe the dishes, then sweep up the crumbs from under the table.”

Reading to children regularly for a few years before they go to school is excellent preparation for developing the ability to be still, to listen, and to comprehend. This is important preschool training.

Puzzles can develop patience and perseverance.

Coloring and cutting with some parental encouragement to do it well will help to develop the motor skills needed in writing.

In an increasingly anti-family environment, it is not surprising that society is favoring getting the children out of home at younger ages. Where Biblical values and lifestyles are not appreciated and lived out, it may be beneficial. But we have found it to be unnecessary in the context of a truly Christian church.



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