The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Opposition to “Religious Liberty”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Opposition to Religious Liberty

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Opposition to “Religious Liberty”

Again the editorial staff of the Star-Telegram has shamefully promoted their ultra-liberal, immoral defense of homosexuality, against religious liberty.

This issue has been in the news during the past year. The question amounts to this: Does a person or organization have the right to oppose the perversion of homosexuality and seek to protect young, defenseless children from a sin that opposes both nature and God? Does the state grant the right of these sincere individuals and organizations to restrict their involvement with sexual perversion, immoral behavior and relationships, and participation with adoption and foster care of children?

We can see that sodomite organizations would want to adopt “straight” children and have them as foster children. What the “religious liberty” laws would do is to keep them from participating in this compromising involvement. Perhaps we can’t understand the wickedness of promoting sexual perversion and exposure to little children 2 to 12 years of age! But God holds them particularly precious and this “innocence” must be maintained!

If a Christian (or Jew, Muslim, or another) would want to keep from participating in any sin that promotes this sexual perversion, he or she must never be coerced to violate their “sincerely held convictions”!

Richard Hollerman


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